Supplier Registration


To register an interest on the portal you must first register your company on the portal. By registering on the portal your company will also receive automatic email updates when relevant opportunities are advertised. See the “Opportunities” section for further information regarding this.

1. Click on the “Supplier Registration” link in the menu. This will take you to a Supplier Registration Wizard, this wizard will assist you with the completion of your registration. Help is available for all steps within the help column of the wizard.

2. If you agree to submit your registration you will receive a confirmation receipt email.

3. Your registration is then looked at by a central team who ensure that there are no duplicate registrations on the portal. You will then receive your user name and password in two emails providing you do not already have an account. If you or your company already appear to have an account you will receive an email to inform you of this, and details of the already existing account.

Registering an interest against an opportunity

You have to be registered onto the portal to register an interest for the first time; however you do not need to be registered in order to view the opportunities. See “Supplier Registration” above for full details on this process.

1. Find an opportunity you are interested in by browsing the Opportunities section (see below for instructions on using the Opportunities section). Click on the title of the opportunity to view further details.

2. If you would like to register your interest in taking part in the opportunity and receiving further detail, click the “Register Interest” button if you are already logged in or the “Login and Register Interest” button if you are not logged in.

3. When you register your interest the council will receive notification through the system.

4. Note that some councils may require you to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) - or in some cases submit a tender – by the stated Last Date for Registering Interest. If this is the case the requirements will be clearly explained in the Notes at the end of the opportunity record. For this reason you should always scroll down and read the full details of an opportunity, and not just click on the Register Interest button at the top.

5. There may also be relevant documents such as a pre-qualification questionnaire or other tender documents that you need to download from the portal. These will be clearly shown as attachments to the opportunity, and you just need to click on them to start the download process.

6. Once you are registered onto the portal then you can select the “Login and Register Interest” option from the bottom of the page. You will be asked to enter your username and password before interest can be expressed.

7. Please note that registration of interest via this portal does not guarantee an invitation to tender. However, provided you register interest and also follow any other instructions stated in the opportunity record, you will be included in the council’s selection process for the contract.

Contract Store

Contracts may be viewed by:

Individual council

Category of goods / services (Categories use the ProClass system. Further information on ProClass may be found via the link on the homepage.)

Using the Advanced Search facility allows you to look for contracts across a wider selection of information.

Selected information from this area can be easily downloaded to your computer in spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel) format. Use the “Export Selection to Spreadsheet” button above the list of contracts returned by your search.

Individual contract records may have the actual contract documentation included as an attachment, mostly in MS Word or Adobe formats. This documentation should contain all the information that would be made available under the Freedom of Information Act. Information categorised as ‘commercially confidential’ (e.g. pricing) under the Act is not included. There is no Search facility across these attachments.

Any requests for additional contract information under the Freedom of Information Act should be submitted to the “Council Contact” shown on the contract record.

It is anticipated that all contracts above 50,000 will be included but individual councils will set their own policies in this respect. Some may decide to include their contracts and opportunities below this figure.


The Opportunities section of the portal is browsed and searched in a slightly different manner than the contract store.

To search the opportunities click on “Opportunities” from the left had side of the portal. This will take you to the supplier page where the most recently advertised opportunities will be shown under “Latest Opportunities” section. To search further for opportunities click on “Search” option and specify the required criteria. You can search by organisation, CPV category, word contained in the opportunity. Also you can select if you want to see all opportunities or only those you can express your interest in currently. Finally you can select to see your results ordered by the contract start date of the category that the good/service is classified in.

You may register your interest in specific opportunities shown on the portal to receive further documentation relating to the opportunity. Also you can receive e-mail notification of new opportunities for specific categories of goods and services as well as by the council, or group of councils, you are interested in, depending how you have set up your supplier profile.

Once registered, you will automatically receive e-mail notification of new opportunities matching the profile you created during registration. It does not automatically include your company in the selection process for any of these opportunities. Your company will still need to express an interest, by using the buttons at within the opportunity form and following any other instructions given in the opportunity record. (see Registering an Interest Against an Opportunity above.)


You may edit your company details at any time to change the councils and categories of contract you are interested in. To do this you need to be logged into the portal. If you cannot remember your username or password please use one of the links on the left hand side to get a reminder of these. If there are still issues once this has been tried then contact the support details listed within the portal.


You are invited to use the Feedback facility for any comments or suggestions from your experience of using the portal. Feedback goes to the Business Portal Manager and you can expect to receive a response within 5 working days. If the query is urgent a response will be given within 24 hours.

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